Install ZebPay App on your Android/Ios Device… Call their toll free number which in the apps’  “About Us ” section. Or you can register to any bitcoin merchant in your country and buy bitcons… They will help you buy bitcoins even worth Rs.500 also. (People have this misconception that they need to buy 1 bitcoin which
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Imagine a BMW show room… For our purpose, lets say, one BMW costs 100,000$ Lets say, the owner of the outlet makes 20-25% profit on each sale…I am making a guess here. He sells 10 cars in a month… This above senario is going on since the industrial revolution… But, one divine day…. it happens
A king wanted to build a temple. He asked his sculptor to make a beautiful statue of a deity. The sculptor went around in search of a rock which is perfect for the task. He finalized two rocks and asked the first rock, “Will you permit me to carve a beautiful Godess out of you?”
For most of us, we need a role model to follow… It can be  Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Narendra Modi… We follow whom we perceive as people worth following.. We feel safe to follow their footsteps because the greats have proved that what they did made them great. The path is trodden… No confusion… Just follow
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Can You Be God Like? My fascination with becoming “God Like” has entered my being in the last year or so… See, I have gone through much in life. All types of trials, tribulations, injustices, insults, (perceived or otherwise.) If I keep on poisoning my mind with those memories, it will hurt me more than the
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By causing the creation of Aam Admi Party,  Anna Hazare created a frankestein monster. His intention was right, but his words to the universe were absolutely, horribly wrong…. ….India Against Corruption ….We will root out corruption ….All politicians are corrupt… ….We are against corruption…. But, what’s wrong there? Read on, the next paragraph will explain
So far, any opportunity, MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Selling, Affiliate Marketing etc were getting a bad wrap because, everyone who joins don’t make money. That is true of all businesses. But only our industry was getting tarnished because we were a soft target and we don’t buy advertising space from media houses. But My Advertising
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Believe me when I say…, “There is a Master Key to your Dream Land”… More than 6 years ago, I watched the movie, “The Secret”, and was so impressed by the idea of “Law of Attraction.” My frustration was, I knew “Law of Attraction” works, but I didn’t know how to manifest Law of Attraction…
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My Advertising Pays literally saved me from financial decimation last year… See, I live off the internet since 2012. I made good money in one of my previous ventures, but that started petering out as I lost interest in their motto of “Blog Daily.” Though I am a good blogger, getting the motivation and creativity