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Yesterday I was in a VERY HIGH STATE OF MIND.   ….Did my meditation… ….Took my walk…. ….Listened to The Master Key System… ….Laughed with my wife and daughters… ….Home was vibrant… ….Smiles all around…   But when I started doing the Live Webinar, I forgot to turn on the audio and for the full
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Albert Einstein Said, “Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world; He who understands it, earns it.  He who doesn’t Pays it…” My whole life changed when compound took control of my finances. Watch this video and decide for yourself whether you want compounding to happen in your life also or not. Sage advice…
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It’s not that I am trying to impress you with such a statement… Since childhood I believed that I am special, I am great… But the results said otherwise… It was always “So near, so far…” Until 2 years ago… It started happening… My potential started becoming performance. But, I had this uneasy feeling at
The potential of Online Advertising is humongous. 1 billion dollar per day is being spent on Online Advertising… There are more than 100 million Online Marketers who are searching for space to advertise their business. Some of the famous places you can advertise online are, Facebook, Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo etc. You might be thinking
1. What Is “The Advert Platform ( TAP )” ? We are a debt-free company with a profitable revenue distribution advertising platform that shares its profits every 20 minutes with all members whom have purchased a Credit Pack and COMPLETED THEIR 10 TASKS in TAP Back Office. TAP is an acronym that stands for The Advert
I was taking my usual walk in the morning… Observed a bunch of Weaver Birds busy building their nest… That started a thought in me… Who taught a weaver bird to build such a beautiful nest? Apparently nobody… Not its parents, not its teachers… No coaching classes as to how to weave a nest… LOL It’s
“The less you think, the more you work; The More you work, the less you earn…” What a classic quote. Think about it… Example, Yesterday I called a guy to pick coconut from our two trees. The guy came, for one hour, he worked and picked all the coconuts, cleaned our godown, and put them
Install ZebPay App on your Android/Ios Device… Call their toll free number which in the apps’  “About Us ” section. Or you can register to any bitcoin merchant in your country and buy bitcons… They will help you buy bitcoins even worth Rs.500 also. (People have this misconception that they need to buy 1 bitcoin which
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Imagine a BMW show room… For our purpose, lets say, one BMW costs 100,000$ Lets say, the owner of the outlet makes 20-25% profit on each sale…I am making a guess here. He sells 10 cars in a month… This above senario is going on since the industrial revolution… But, one divine day…. it happens
A king wanted to build a temple. He asked his sculptor to make a beautiful statue of a deity. The sculptor went around in search of a rock which is perfect for the task. He finalized two rocks and asked the first rock, “Will you permit me to carve a beautiful Godess out of you?”