I am Ganesh Rao. Pleasure to meet you here.

This is my family.

I live in Shimoga, a green town on the borders of Malnad (Hilly Regions) of Karnataka.

I am a free time Internet Marketer working from home.

Have a fantastic office on the 1st floor of my residence.

Have an awesome family with two beautiful daughters and a wonderful wife.

Life can't be better....

But it wasn't so, not long ago.

Read on...

I started my journey on the Internet late in my life...

2011 was when I started on the internet.

But, by then I had accumulated more than $70,000 debt because of horrid misadventures in my conventional businesses.

Did my fair share of conventional off line MLM/Network marketing from 2001 to 2011 with companies like Amway, DXN & RMP.

They were hard work. As I don't like to travel without my family, where ever for my business trips without my family, just after 3-4 days, I wanted to go home.

So, As travel for long periods of time was mandatory in off line MLMs , my success in those off line ventures were average to below par.

Just surviving, until 2011.

In 2011,  I started using the internet, social media in particular to build my business. And by some good peoples guidance, I started working with Online Businesses where there were only digital products to market.

It was a sea change.

And I learnt marketing using Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube....

Became good in videos and started uploading lots of content in Youtube.


What a transformation...

From chasing people to attracting people...

Now I have nearly 400 videos on Youtube, 100s of blogposts and 5000 friends on FB, more than 25,000 fans...

All happened because I believed in the internet when very few people took internet seriously.

I have transformed my life with income I could generate from my internet marketing businesses.

And believe me when I say "Attraction Marketing" is easy compared to the off-line way of making money.

Now I have a huge network of internet marketers with whom I master mind and more often than not, I find good to great business opportunities for myself and to my followers on social media and to my email subscribers.

Like everything worthwhile in life, learning and making money using only the internet and it's add ons, takes lots of time initially.

But it is worth doing...

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